To produce noodles and pasta products of different shapes we use Italian- and German-made production lines, as well as patented lines of our own design.

Modernizing our production technologies has always been a priority for us. Thanks to this, throughout the years we have been increasing the production capacity of our manufacturing facilities, enhancing the customer-oriented characteristics of our goods and expanding the assortment.

We use our own flour – the highest-grade flour called Top Grade Improved – made from quality varieties of wheat grain grown in Kazakhstan. We use purified water that we get after 5 stages of treatment. But the quality is not the only thing that makes our products stand out: although it is flow production, our products really taste like homemade.   

Raw materials

After having been grown, harvested and processed wheat grain is delivered to the silos of KEMMI Group’s mills. The grain, however, is admitted into the silos only after it has successfully passed all the necessary checks in the facility’s labs.

Before the grain is sent into the mill, several varieties of wheat are mixed together in specific proportions to create the required blend. The mill is furnished with advanced equipment that cleans and washes the grain before milling and subjects it to other procedures needed to produce the high quality flour we make.

After the milling is complete, the resulting flour, called Top Grade Improved, is checked by the laboratory staff and than transported directly to the KEMMI Group pasta production facility. 

Quality of Products

Our company’s creed is quality, and the latter hinges on correctly selecting raw materials and meticulously upholding manufacturing procedures.

High quality of our products is ensured by constant control of incoming materials at all the stages of manufacturing by our Quality Control Department. Every hour product samples are tested in our lab.

All our products are certified. They comply with the requirements of ST TOO 020940000838001-2011, ST RK ISO 9001-2009, ST RK ISO 14001-2006, ST RK ISO 22000-2006, Halal. 

Labor Management

Health, safety and security of our staff are kept in strict compliance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and are controlled by a dedicated team in our company.

A confortable bus shuttles our employees to and from the production site. It’s daily route covers almost all the districts of Pavlodar city.

There is a canteen at the territory of the manufacturing facility where our employees can have their lunch or enjoy a snack. Besides, the site has its own vegetable storage that helps make these meals healthy, nutritious and full of vitamins all year round.

At the site, employees wear overalls provided by the company. And during their lunch breaks they can play ping-pong, relax in a recreation room or take a shower.